Profession Related Forum

General Information

The purpose of this forum is to inform guild members, as well as those outside of the guild, what sort of profession related content we feel needs to be here. This can be anything and everything.

If you pick up a new pattern for crafting, and want to let people know, post it.
If you want to ask someone to craft something for you, but are having trouble getting in contact with them for details, post here.
If you want to give people tips on leveling a profession, post here.
If you want to tell people that you are willing to craft certain items, or even if you want to let people know what you're charging as a crafting fee, it all goes here.

This is a public forum, which means anyone inside or outside of the guild can view it. We may direct people here if they have questions about getting something made, so make sure your post is detailed enough so a few questions are answered before someone is prompted to bug you for more info.
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