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Banquet Cooking Supplies

Just in case anyone is interested in donating to help the guild make feasts for our raid teams, here's a list compiled by Aelendis.

Each of these are the feasts the guild can make for our raiders. As you can see we could use just about anything so all of your mats are welcome regardless, we'll find someone who can use them. Keep in mind though five of the six recipes require fish, so if your fishing skill is lacking you may want to stick to growing stuff on your farm for the "Banquet of the Brew" as it is easier to make if your professions are lacking. The one thing the guild can always use more than anything is the Soy Sauce. So if you'd like to help, but don't really feel like working on maximizing your crops or gathering the fish and such, you can donate Soy Sauce to the bank. All that takes is some easy Dailies.

Banquet of the Brew:

    100 year Soy Sauce x1
    Green Cabbage x50
    Witchberries x50

Banquet of the Grill:

    100 year Soy Sauce x1
    Rebbelly Mandarin x10
    Raw Crab Meat x10
    White Turnip x50

Banquet of the Oven:

    100 year Soy Sauce x1
    Krasarang Paddlefish x10
    Raw Turtle Meat x10
    Mogu Pumpkin x50

Banquet of the Pot:

    100 year Soy Sauce x1
    Reef Octopus x10
    Mushan Ribs x10
    Juicycrunch Carrot x50

Banquet of the Steamer:

    100 year Soy Sauce x1
    Empoeror Salmon x10
    Wildfowl Breast x10
    Jade Squash x50

Banquet of the Wok:

    100 year Soy Sauce x1
    Giant Mantis Shrimp x10
    Raw Crocolisk Belly x10
    Red Blossom Leek x50
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