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Guild Bank Information - Please Read


Here is a basic outline of what we are looking for as far as materials go for the guild, raiding, etc.  This can also serve as a guide for what is needed/used in Warlords of Draenor for crafting recipes.  There is by no means any pressure at all in forcing somebody to donate to the guild bank.  We would just please ask that if you have spare materials or are a raider to donate here and there to help provide for the guild raids, events, etc.

I will be compiling a list of things and updating it weekly based on a priority level to depict what we need most of.  It will probably be a basic, color coded representation of what we need.  For example, green would be lowest priority and red would be high priority while yellow is a median.  I will most likely only put items on that list in which we need to conduct both of our raid teams because things such as ore are not likely to be used in a raid as much as herbs for flasks.

You will see this topic update over the course of the next few days as well as time down the road.  This will be to show progress levels and just anymore information that is needed to be provided to you guys.  I also plan on updating the Guild Bank in the near future to directly reflect what is posted here, aswell as,  to increase  organization in the Guild bank and productivity.  I'll be doing basic tasks such as blending like-items  together in different tabs and specifying a specific place for old world items/mats (Pre-Warlords).  I'll also be making a tab for a majority of our raids materials, potions, flasks, food, and all of that jazz.

Please feel free to always post on here if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns!  Constructive criticizm is always appreciated with me.  With that being said, I do ask that any off-topic posts  not be posted here to conserve space.

Raid Materials


Flasks & Potions

Lesser Flasks

Greater Flasks



Its a lot harder to post everything to do with Enchanting here.  Instead I'll just post the materials we will need most when it comes to enchanting.

Other Materials

We are always in need of other materials (ore, leather, etcs.) but until I get the chance to take a look and work on the Guild Bank, I won't know the state of what we need for those just yet.

Current Needs

  • All Meats
  • All Fish Flesh


Thank you for reading and like I said above, please feel free to post any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions below.


Stabznslicez - Materials Officer

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