DKP Related Questions

DKP Related Questions


Question: Why was I asked to sit out from the raid?

People who are not in need of any gear drops out of the instance being run (or off a particular boss), may be asked to step down for the night.

Question: Do all raid teams in this guild run DKP?

No, a few of our raid teams do not. The loot distribution is entirely up to the raid leader.

Question: Why am I no longer being awarded for DKP for my raid team, even though I show up each raid?

Once an instance is on farm, there may no longer be DKP awarded to the group, and instead, loot would be done by rolls. This is, however, dependant on the raid leader’s wishes. You may also be losing DKP by showing up late, or leaving early.

Question: Why wasn't I given the same amount of DKP for the run as everyone else on the team?

If you have to leave early, or you come into the raid late, you will be given partial DKP depending on how much of the instance you assisted the raid with. You may also lose DKP for going AFK for an extended period of time. If you believe there are errors with your DKP, contact an officer in game.



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