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Question: I want to get an item out of the guild bank, what do I do?

Two of our bank tabs allow for free withdrawals depending on rank.
General Tab - 2 - 3 withdrawals daily for Main and above.
Raider - 2 - 3 withdrawals daily for Raider and above.

The only person in guild who can pull items out of the other tabs is the guild leader, Alltaire. Drop her an in-game mail asking for the item, or ask her yourself when you're online.

Question: I want to borrow some gold to buy something for myself, what do I do?

    1. We have very specific reasons as to why you would be allowed to borrow gold from the guild bank. You need to buy gems or enchants that are not in the bank at the moment, but are in need of them before the raid.
    2. You would like to buy BoE gear off the AH that would be an upgrade to your current gear.
    3. You need repair money.
    4. You want to buy gear or patterns off of the vendor, but are unable to afford it (in reference to the Firelands rep and quest related items).

For certain circumstances, you may not be required to pay the guild bank back. This, however, depends on the arrangement made with Alltaire. Also, the bank will never loan out more than 10k gold to any one player at a time unless there are circumstances surrounding the issue. (IE - you have something put down as collateral)

This may seem strange, or whimsical, at first, but remember, the guild has been around for years now, and there have been no shortage of people who have tried to take advantage of the system.

Question: I want [item] from the guild bank, what do I do?

  1. BoEs are sold for a 50 - 70% discount from the CURRENT auction house price. This means what the item is going for when we go to look for it, and not what you may have seen it for last week.
  2. Flasks have a general price, so the more expensive ones go for the same price as the cheaper ones, which is usually 50% of the price of the cheaper flask.
  3. Enchanting mats and gems are also 50% off their AH price. Which may vary depending on how late/early it is in the expansion.
  4. As a general rule, if it's in the bank it IS for sale, and can be sold for 50 - 70% of the auction house list price.
  5. You can trade materials worth what the item is worth. This means you may not have the item 50 - 70% discount, but there will be a discount available.
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