Guild Repair Questions

Guild Repairs

Question: What does it take to get guild repairs in Anhedonia?

Answer: We as a guild offer repairs to our members who are actively raiding and only to those who are contributing "Bind on Equip" items or materials to the bank. The bank supplies a multitude of functions to our raiders, one of which being repairs, which are only made possible through these contributions. We as a guild feel as though members who are not part of any raid team can function on their own to make money for their own repairs considering their need for them is nearly non-existent, or covered by one of the games many means of making money such as dailies.

Raid teams that contribute to the guild help the guild generate income which is what allows us to have the funds to supply them with a multitude of things, including repairs. While we would like nothing more than to supply all our members with the means to repair freely, we would need to require people to make madatory contributions to help offset the cost, which is not only an unreasonable request but also an unfair one as not everyone will be able to donate.

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