Loot Rules

In reference to gear, we only have a few rules that we use as a guild to keep order.


  1. All “Bind on Equip” or “BoE's” that drop out of a raid instance will go to the guild bank if no one needs them for MS. These will then be sold to offer funds to the guild bank, both for repairs and for other raid items (fish feasts, flasks, gems, and any other items the guild bank uses or needs).

  2.  If you’d like to purchase a BoE from the guild bank, please talk to the officer in charge of loot before the end of the night to let them know you’re interested. All BoE's are sold at a 50 - 70% discount, however the discount applies to how current or easy the item is to sell. The price will be finalized once the Auction House prices can be confirmed, as time tends to change the price of items.

  3. All greens and blues also go to the guild bank. Blues are sometimes dropped in the general tab for use for people’s alts, or just disenchanted for enchanting materials.

  4. We always loot main spec over off-spec. Your main spec is considered the spec you usually raid as. Ergo, if you’re holy for 60% of the raids, your main spec is considered holy. However, we do have exceptions - people who wish to gear up another spec but do not have the gear for it. These are usually DPS who wish to go tank/heals but don’t have the gear to perform in raids. If this is the case, please talk with Alltaire or another officer. If the decision to change your spec occurs, you forfeit the right to gear up your other spec.

  5. We always loot based on armor class. Cloth to cloth, leather to leather, Etc. If no one would like it for main spec, off-spec rolls will include those who want the gear for their main spec, but is of a different armor class.

  6. Please hold your rolls for off-spec gear until it has been called for. Also, as far as tier pieces are concerned, if you already possess the tier piece that drops, rolling for another one when main spec rolls are being called for is being dishonest. Wait until off-spec rolls are called for until you roll on another tier piece.

  7. You are allowed to have as many “alts” in guild as you would like, but they will all be given the “alt” status. What this means is that you won’t be eligible for loot or raid spots until no “main” character is need of it, unless you are asked to use your alt in the raid.

  8. Everyone who joins the guild goes through a "trial" period. These people cannot withdraw items from the bank or win an item that a guild "main" needs.

  9. The trial period lasts two to three weeks, and the date that the person joins the guild is noted in the "officer note" tab. Trials are promoted in a two week period of time if they attend enough raids in order for us to come to a decision on if they fit in in both the guild and raids. Promotions may take three weeks if your raid attendance is spotty.

  10. For some teams, loot is distributed based on DKP. The raid leader (or person in charge of loot) will link an item and ask all those interested to roll off on the item. However, this is merely to show your interest in the item. After players have /rolled to show interest, the raid leader will check DKP and the person with the highest amount will win the item.

  11. Anhedonia runs several raid teams. It is always best to check with the raid leader before agreeing to join the raid team.

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