Mumble Vs. Ventrilo

I have had a few people question me about the differences between Mumble and Ventrilo, and why it is that some raid teams opt for one over the other. As a guild leader, I have chosen to continue paying for Ventrilo for my other raid team's convenience (as well as allowing for pugging without requiring someone to download a new program entirely). However, I have opted to use Mumble for my own raid team. There are a list of pros and cons to using both programs (even when stacked against TeamSpeak). did a review of the two programs for World of Warcraft raiding, so I decided to steal a small snippet from their review so I didn't seem biased. 

'As a raid leader, I'm acutely aware of voice chat latency. I even went so far as to set my Deadly Boss Mods bars to shift from small to large at 7 seconds simply because I wanted to take into account a split-second human lag plus a half to full second of Vent lag. "Meteor in five seconds" should mean "Meteor in five seconds," not "Meteor in three seconds by the time you hear this." Mumble was specifically created for low latency, and it lives up to its promise. There is just about as much lag as you'd have on a normal phone call or a mobile call with good reception.

Low latency is the main reason I will never go back to Ventrilo and is my biggest annoyance when I am forced to go back to a Vent server. The latency is so low on Mumble that it allows for normal conversation, and "Meteor in five seconds" means "Meteor in five seconds."' (

Essentially, I have decided to use Mumble for my raid team soley for the benefit of no lag during raid chats. This helps for more accurate call-outs, and for providing useful information while it is actually useful (telling someone they are about to blow up before they actually DO). 

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