What is DKP?

Dragon Kill Points (usually abbreviated with the acronym "DKP") designates a kind of currency which is earned by participating in endgame raids, and spent by acquiring loot from endgame bosses. The term DKP is also frequently used to designate raid-level loot system in general. The most popular systems for endgame loot distribution are point-based (and thus DKP systems). (wowwiki.com).


“When a member "wins" an item, they lose a DKP amount that reflects the value of that item.

DKP allows for an unbiased comparison between guild members when decisions about loot are to be made based on attendance and recent items that have been awarded.” (wowwiki.com)


DKP has its pros and cons, but its purpose is to offer the guild member who puts the most effort into the raids the opportunity to get the gear that they worked so hard for. It is, ideally, created to prevent the person who just started their raiding career with the guild from simply /roll’ing and taking loot from someone who has been there longer and theoretically, has been waiting for that item.


DKP was chosen for this guild in order to offer fairness to those who work for it. We don’t believe that any person should be carried through a raid, which is what we use our DKP for. Everyone should put forth an effort to better the guild, and thus enable themselves to better their character.


The pros far outweigh the cons as far as the guild is concerned…


  • DKP prevents ONE person from out gearing the rest of the raid. Because you must spend DKP to win an item, one person cannot take every item that may potentially drop in a raid. Think of it as sharing, if you must. Everyone who attends a raid gets DKP, and thus their chance at an item.
  • If someone is new to the guild, and new to our raids, the long-standing raiders don’t have to worry about losing out on gear that they may have been waiting some time for. Without a DKP system, and moving to open rolls instead, you may lose out on the item, or several items, to someone who has never been to the raid you worked so tirelessly to learn.
  • DKP prevents the person who has not been available for raids as often as the rest of the guild, or may not be in good standing with the guild, from not being able to bid on gear. If you have the DKP to win the item, you CANNOT be denied an item. It’s for this reason that DKP is often quoted as being the “protection for the casual raider”. Many hardcore raiding guilds have been known to simply deny certain members gear if they are not in favorable standing with the officer/loot master/guild master. Anhedonia will never deny a member an item as long as they have the DKP to back up their purchase.


To be perfectly honest, the person who attends the most raids gets the most DKP, and gets access to more items than the person who rarely attends. However, the person who bids on every item they can use that drops will then have no DKP to spend on other items, and as such, may lose the opportunity to purchase upgrades. Please, bid responsibly.

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