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    Current DKP - Weekend Pool Pool

    Earned Spent Total Last Raid Last 30 Last 60
    58.00208.00-150.002015-05-15No RaidsNo Raids

    Item History

    Item Spent Date Raid Name Event
    [chest of unending roars]182015-05-15BF 5/8Friday Raid
    [Legguards of the Stampede] 182015-05-15BF 5/8Friday Raid
    [Cinderwolf Signet] 102015-05-01BF 4/25Friday Raid
    [Hans'gar's Forgehammer] 602015-05-01BF 4/25Friday Raid
    [Helm of the Iron Protector] 182015-05-01BF 4/25Friday Raid
    [Grips of Rekindling] 142015-05-01BF 4/25Friday Raid
    [Hans'gar's Forgehammer] 102015-05-01BF 4/25Friday Raid
    [Sorka's Chainfist] 602015-05-01BF 4/25Friday Raid

    Raid History

    Raid Name Raid Date Earned
    BF 5/82015-05-1532
    BF 4/252015-05-0126

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    Attendance By Event

    Event Name Percentage
    Friday Raid 0/0 (0%)


    Date Amount Reason Earned Spent Total
    2015-05-15 18:22:11-10Decay0.000.000.00
    2015-05-01 17:32:56-10Decay0.000.000.00
    2015-04-17 18:27:30-10Decay0.000.000.00
    2015-04-10 18:45:06-10Decay0.000.000.00
    2015-04-03 18:43:52-10Decay0.000.000.00
    2015-03-27 18:37:46-10Decay0.000.000.00

    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em